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My name is Gin. I am an artist from Birmingham, Alabama and a recent graduate on the rolling plains of Dixie at Auburn University. I am majoring in Apparel Design and Production Management and minoring in Studio Art and Business. With my degree, I hope to design formal wear and wedding gowns.


All people are born with beauty and purpose. What we wear and create matters, not because of outward appearance, because of how it reflects who we are and whom we are becoming. Self-expression through art of any medium, whether it be through a watercolor, a ball gown, or even a pie, invites others to know and appreciate an individual and creates a bond of relationship.


In designing formal wear and wedding gowns, my goal is to create pieces that encourage the confidence and freedom found inside all women, so they can be fully present to the most memorable days of their lives. I want to take part in recognizing their significance and identity in something bigger than themselves.


My personal aesthetic is quite a hodgepodge of different styles that harmoniously all work together under a theme of classic beauty and peace. I glean inspiration from the beauty of light-- airy and delicate. I hope to reflect gracefulness and freedom in my work, which is often pastoral-- clouds and peonies, wind-blown fields, misty spring rains, and warm breezes. Nature has given me a love for watercolor, and I enjoy using shimmer and texture to depict movement. I love the idea of a billowing force that is soft, yet uncontrollable, but also refined and structured styles appeal to me. Although I am drawn to soft, light colors, any shade of gray is my favorite. I appreciate its balance, timelessness, and sophistication.


When I am not designing, painting, or creating, you can find me: eating Chick-fil-A, baking pies, or drinking tea all while listening to Ben Rector or Frank Sinatra.

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